When it comes to playing online poker, many players wrestle with the decision to play cash games or tournaments. After all, there are benefits to both.


If you are an online poker oder agen poker online player who is wondering if tournaments may be better to play than cash games, here are a few things to look at before you decide.


Tournaments have big winnings — Obviously, the first thing you already know about tournaments is that, if you win, you win a large amount of money. While that is a big benefit, the chances of you winning at a tournament are far less than winning at a cash game in online poker.


Tournaments meas playing against terrible players — Interestingly, with the way a poker tournament is set up when it comes to the draw, you could find yourself close to the end and playing against a terrible player for a high stakes win.


Terrible players join tournaments for the experience — While you may think bad players would stay away from a tournament as the competition is too high, the opposite reality tends to be true.


In fact, so many terrible players join tournaments, you could find yourself moving easily up the ranks without really trying at all. As you move up, your chances of winning increase exponentially.


Cash games allow freedom — One big problem with playing in tournaments is that they are held during specific time periods and you must be there for all of it.


With cash games, however, you have the freedom to play when you want, leave when you want and generally set your own schedule for what works the best for your life.


Cash games have less competition — When it comes to cash games in online poker, however, there is far less competition per game. That means, while you may play all weekend and still not win in a tournament, you could have won 10 cash games by then.


Less money needed to play — Another problem with tournaments, and a benefit to cash games, is you need a lot more money to play in a tournament. In a cash game, however, you can play for a long time on just a few dollars.


While playing you are also improving your skills simply due to the huge number of hours of extended gameplay. With a tournament, however, you can often only afford a couple of hours of playing, you spend a huge amount of money, and then still walk away with little skill improvement compared to what you have spent.