Euro 2020 Bets

With the Euro 2020 draw completed, nations are now ready to compete in the EU’s largest and most competitive soccer event. However, this year has several nations that should be avoided at all costs when placing bets, and some of them might surprise you.


Bets to Avoid

First up are England and France. Wait, what? Yes, that is correct the former national champion, France has shown major signs of weakness and vulnerability. Even with a roster of team members who should be enough to impress anyone, France has shown major signs of slowing down. In the last match of France versus Croatia, France was lucky to pull off a win with a last-minute, and really lucky goal. Other matches that France won in the past year have seen similar fates with last-minute goals and some luck of draw decisions from referees. France also lost 2-0 to the Netherlands and tied 0-0 with Munich, which were both games that France should have dominated in. Furthermore, France is projected to have some pretty tough games coming up in bursa piala eropa 2020 with games versus notably stronger teams like Portugal.


England Isn’t It Either

England is even worse off than France in terms of it’s potential in winning games. England has a worse roster than France with a similarly difficult line up in terms of game difficulties. The good news is that early on, England will host matches against Croatia, Czech Republic, Israel, and other easy-to-beat nations. Well, that’s at least true in the very early season leading up to the championships. The Three Lions are projected to finish atop Group D and settle with a Group F runner up such as Germany, Portugal, or France. Each team is notably stronger than England. Even if by the grace of god England advances past Group F, the Three Lions will then need to face likely contenders like Spain and the Netherlands. In other words, it just isn’t going to happen this year.


What’s more, is the track record of England as well. During Euro 2016, the Three Lions managed to barley stave off Wales by a last-minute game-deciding goal. However, they easily lost to Iceland and drew both Russia and Slovakia in draws all in Euro 2016. So, with such a poor track record we have to ask, what makes 2020 different. By looking at the rosters, previous years’ games, and the potential line up for Euro 2020 games, it doesn’t seem like there is much of a difference from Euro 2016. What’s more is betting professionals are giving England and France very meager odds of making any meaningful progress in Euro 2020, while they surely will advance well into the season, they are highly expected to crumble under stronger teams like Germany, Netherlands, and Portugal.