The COVID-19 health pandemic has taken the entire world by surprise. Large swathes of the entire economy have been shuttered. The economic disruption has caused tremendous changes in many industries. Recent reports from international gaming commissions indicate that the same can be said of the casino industry. However, it is not all bad news.

 Booming Online Casinos Amid Covid-19 Pandemic

Online casinos have seen record numbers of players. Most experts hypothesize that this is because people have been forced to stay home. Today, more people are playing at situs judi online casinos than there ever have been in the past.

 Traditional Casino Industry is Suffering

On the other hand, the Traditional casino industry has suffered greatly. Even in areas where lockdowns are not in effect, attendance has dropped. Citizens seem to be taking their health matters into their own hands. Social distancing is difficult to enforce inside of most casinos, and as a result, many people are simply avoiding them. Plus, some cities are still locked down. Some casinos cannot even open their doors to their patrons.

 Las Vegas Still Shut Down

Much of Las Vegas remains in lockdown. Areas that are not under lockdown have reduced capacity. Local law has strictly limited the amount of pedestrian traffic allowed throughout the city. This has had devastating effects on the traditional in-person casinos.

 Online Gaming Boom

The devastation in the traditional casino industry is mirrored by the prosperity of the online gaming industry. Online casinos have been growing in appeal. This growth in the appeal is seen both domestically and internationally.

 International Appeal

Today some of the fastest growing online casinos are hosted in countries like the United Kingdom and even China. People are beginning to flock to online casinos that allow users to gamble with crypto. This is especially prevalent among Asian countries.

 Wider Selection of Reputable Games

Users seem to be developing more trust with the game selection. In the past, there were many more fraudsters on the Internet. Now, people are beginning to gamble confidently. That does not mean there are no scams. However, people have become better at weeding them out from legitimate gambling operations.

 Massive Jackpots

There are more and more stories of users hitting large jackpots. Sometimes these jackpots can offer life-changing amounts of money. This is one of the biggest reasons people have begun to play online casino games more often.

 Gaming Amid the Pandemic

The gaming industry amid the pandemic is displaying a K shaped recovery. The online sector of the gaming industry is growing faster than ever before. However, many segments of the traditional gaming sector are still in decline.