Casinos have a certain appeal to the aging population and for some retirees, it’s a balm that soothes the pain brought on by loneliness and isolation. Below are some of the responses culled from retirees when asked why they enjoy visiting casinos.

Dr. Holmes, an 81-year- old retiree says he visits a nearby casino regularly to enjoy the night with other people whom he has formed alliances with. He said the prospect of winning even a few dollars offers some degree of excitement.

May who is a retired nurse says that she wanted to socialize when she first joined a group of casino goers. She has grown to like the new found past time partly due to the freebies offered by some casinos. She cited one casino establishment that provides a free ride, free snacks, and drinks.

Mrs. Fein, on the other hand, is a 67-year old retired accountant who has recently lost her spouse. When asked why she frequents the casino, she said she forgets to be lonely and thinks gambling has helped her move on from this recent crisis.