Players that are big fans of the Domino game and Poker game are in for a treat, especially those that have started finding the games to be boring now. The new game Domino QQ online is a game that combines both of the games in a unique mix that is both surprising and fun. This game really could be the end to boredom for fans of those games.

Inside The Game

When taking a look at this game players are going to find that they can do all of the normal Poker game things like place their bets, call, raise, and fold. When thinking of the shiny games found in a casino players are not normally thinking of a game like Domino. However, players might actually be surprised with how well this version fits in with the shiny world of gambling.

Tips For New Players

When first playing Domino QQ online players should take into consideration that this game is more like Poker than it is like Domino. The only major difference that players are going to find is that the game uses some Domino tiles rather than anything else. If a player has ever played a game of Poker in their life, they will probably get the hang of this game pretty quickly. However, there are some differences in the game depending on where it is played. The rules are constantly changing in small ways depending on the platform, but that just makes the game more enticing. It gets players out of their comfort zone and makes playing all the more interesting.

Players that want to study up on the game before they begin playing can simply follow the tutorial. When a player has finished with their tutorial they will be able to claim 2 million in cash for the game. This is a great bonus that will help players start off with some messing around money. It is a really great bonus for those that are new to the game and really don’t know what they are doing. The tutorial is useful, it teaches the players how they can best use their hands in order to make more cash.

If a player wants to, they will be able to view the card ranks during the game, just in case a player forgets the rankings. This is a great way for players that are new to keep their winnings high, simply because the knowledge of hands and the strenths of them are needed in order to make correct decisions with reguards to the bets made.

The rules do seem easy enough to follow, so there really is no worry for newbie players. However, if a player starts to doubt their own skills with this game they will be able to look at the hand meter. The hand meter will tell them what the strength of their hand is. The Domino QQ game certainly does keep players on the edge of their seats, while still helping a player make some extra money.