If you are new to sports betting, but have decided to start off doing it at an online casino, the most popular sports are often the best places to begin.

The following sports tend to be the most popular ones to bet on. No matter which online casino you use.

Football — Football, also known by Americans as soccer, is the world’s most popular sport. People not only watch football matches, however, but they also gamble millions of dollars a day on the outcome of them.

You will find opportunities at every online casino to gamble on thousands of matches around the world. Every league is represented, and just about every country. Just remember, when you do start betting, only bet on games and teams you know something about.


Baseball — During the baseball season, many online gamblers bet on baseball games in the United States and Japan. Some online casinos may also offer betting opportunities on games in countries like Argentina, Australia and the United Kingdom.

In most cases, though, while still a very popular sport to bet on, most betting will be done on American or Japanese teams.

Basketball — Basketball is played in leagues in around 50 countries, but, again, games in the United States are what most people bet on. Some online casinos also offer betting on games in Australia, Canada and the Philippines.


Horse racing — Horse racing is a popular sport around the world, but tends to be biggest in countries like the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, the United States, Australia and in various Middle Eastern countries.

If you like horse racing, you will discover quickly that it is one of the most popular sports to bet on at an online casino, with a large number of international races being covered.