When it comes to betting on sports online on sites like https://sbobet.blog/, there are some sports that are more popular than others. Five sports in particular tend to be the ones most people have bet on at least once in there lives, with all of those five being gambled on by tens of millions of people a month.

What are the top five sports people currently bet on online? A couple you may have already guessed, but three you may be surprised about.

Football/Soccer — Football or Soccer, as some like to call it, is the world’s most popular sport, so it should not be surprising that it is the world’s most popular sport to bet on either.

Any day of the week, all over the Internet, you will find hundreds of millions of people betting on football. Whether that is a match in Brazil, a game in Thailand or the World Cup.

Horse racing — Horse racing is another sport you are probably not surprised about when it comes to it being one of the top five people bet on.

Horse racing has been a popular sport for hundreds of years, but particularly in the last hundred years or so when it became a top sport in countries like the UK and the United States.

Nowadays, people all over the world bet on horse racing. From races in England to those in Hong Kong, Bangkok, New York and Cairo.

Basketball — While basketball started out as a predominantly American sport, it has since become a truly international game with people all over the world following it.

With cable and satellite TV, and then the Internet, basketball has become even more popular. After all, when you can live in Bangkok and keep up to date about what is happening in basketball in New York, it tends to create new fans of the sport all the time.

Boxing — Boxing has become an enormously popular sport, and especially when it comes to sports betting.

There are many very important boxing matches that are now broadcast live all over the world. These matches tend to have very high stakes with enormous payouts if you bet on the right fighter, and these has meant millions of people have become interested in the sport.

Boxing has also become a sport that is now taught in countries as far afield as Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong, China and Brazil, meaning more and more people become interested in betting on it every year.

American football — American football is another of the top five sports people currently bet on online. First of all, there are tens of millions of Americans that bet on weekly football games during the regular season.

Even more people gamble on the game during the Superbowl, but these are not limited to Americans, as people around the world love gambling on one of the planet’s biggest sporting events as well.