Knowing when to be pushing all-in when playing poker tournaments online is the key to getting to the final table. The final table is where the pay really escalates, yet too many are just happy getting in the money each day. Here are a few ways that you use this information to your advantage and build your poker bankroll safely and easily.

Here are a few tips (courtesy of for knowing when to be pushing all-in when playing poker tournaments online;

Spotting the Obvious Early Plays

It doesn’t matter how big the tournament, there are going to be players who simply push all their chips in the middle on hand one, trying to double or triple-up quickly. These players either bust out in seconds, or they go on to be the huge chip leader out of the gates. Usually they do this a few times until they get enough takers, so you need to step back and try to identify them at your table. The best way to catch them is get in when you have an excellent starting hand. If so, push all your ships in the middle because they will most likely be playing with trash.

Trying to Burst Someones Bubble

Now as the money bubble approaches, things take a much different tone at the online poker table. The play slows to a crawl as all the people on the bubble take as much time as they can each hand in the hopes of other players busting out before they do. These players are not calling even with decent hands, they are folding everything until the bubble bursts. If you are in a hand with one of the bubble chasers, all you need to do is push all your chips in the middle and they will fold.


Steering Clear from the Money Makers

Now that you made the money, those same players who were so tight a second ago have gone hog-wild. Excited to have barely made the money, they push their chips in the middle with any hand now. Knowing this is going to happen, slow-play your good hands and call when they make the push. Most of the time they barely have any chips, so the risk is minimal.


Turning the Tables on the Chip Leader

As you get closer to the final table, you will notice the chip leader is bullying everyone. He has nothing, but is raking in everything. Again, slow play a hand, and when you see a chance, put the chip leader to the test by going all-in. They like being the leader, and won’t want to risk a huge chunk of chips on a weak hand. Catch them taking a chance and you could easily be the new chip leader.


Pushing all-in when playing poker tournaments online at the right time will help you gain confidence in making these calls on auto-pilot. The better you get in this one area, the larger the payout at the end of these tournaments.